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To facilitate our after-school clubs, we will close off parts of the skatepark to deliver sessions during the times below. We are also teaching them how to keep the flow of a park and the etiquette. They are on Thursdays: Skateboarding and BMX from 4pm to 7pm.

Test your skills out at the skate park, which has a good mix of street obstacles, as well as a wide mini ramp if you’re after some air time. The park includes a bike pump track, smooth skate run and off-road bike circuit track, so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.


GET SOME air time Now!

Oxhey_Activity Park_SJ_095.jpg
Oxhey Activity Park RS (8).jpg
Oxhey_Activity Park_SJ_112.jpg

A jump box section for the younger bike and scooter enthusiasts will enable them to try out jumps and aerial tricks too. Plus, a separate learners’ skate park next to the café will give absolute beginners the perfect spot to start hone their skills before they progress.

Oxhey Activity Park RS (13).jpg
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