These facilities are for the use and enjoyment of everyone. They are non-supervised facilities and it is up to you, as users, to see that these facilities are kept clean and free of graffiti,  stickers, and vandalism, and that all users follow the rules.


Graffiti, leaving litter and anti-social behavior is the quickest way to get street spots shut down and ruin spots for everyone. CCTV is operational within the park and is monitored 24/7.

  • Graffiti is a criminal offence and costs thousands to remove.

  • Anyone found responsible for graffiti will be prosecuted

  • Graffiti will result in the skatepark being closed whilst removed

  • Deep bowls, ramps and steep paths present a falling hazard

  • Appropriate protective clothing must be worn at all times

  • Ramp friendly pegs must be used

  • Younger users must be supervised

  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs

  • BBQ's are not allowed



Trash Pick-Up
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