What is the need?

Watford Borough Council has an aspiration that Watford should be a town in which participation in sport increases for everyone and there is a thriving and vibrant sporting infrastructure. However, Riverside Recreation Ground Skate Park has been closed and the site of Derby Road Skate Park is currently allocated as a potential housing site under the Council’s site allocation plan. Watford Borough Council recognises the need to replace the skate facilities and create BMX provision that Watford is currently lacking.


Café and toilets facilities are also currently lacking in Oxhey Park and as the park has now had a comprehensive makeover and visitor numbers have increased, café and toilet facilities are now a local perceived need.

Which areas of the Park will be affected?


All areas North of the Colne River will be impacted, as illustrated in the plans provided.  The whole site to the North of River will be fenced off for the duration of the construction works and there will be no access through the site. The pedestrian routes alongside the River will remain open during construction. The cycle route may have to be closed for short periods and notice of such closures will be posted on this website and along the cycle path.


Does the project require planning permission?


Conditional Planning permission was granted in February 2018. The technical design stage was completed at the end of 2018, but we will continue to oversee and manage all planning related queries and conditions during the delivery stage. For more information, please contact: communications@watford.gov.uk

What consultation has been carried out?


Watford Borough Council has undertaken a number of consultation events. In 2016, Watford Borough Council shared their initial concept for the area to the north of Oxhey Park. This set out how the site could be transformed. The council received a tremendous amount of feedback from the local community on these plans and revised the plans accordingly. The following stakeholders and organisations have been consulted: Oxhey Park North Stakeholder Group, Hertfordshire Highways, The Environment Agency, The Friends of Oxhey Park and Ward Councillors for Oxhey and Central Wards.


Will the project affect the landscape and wildlife?


A range of tree species, which are appropriate to the local area have been chosen for the scheme. A variety of tree sizes are proposed including mature and extra heavy specimens to create characterful landscape areas and large specimens with a long lifespan and potential to accommodate roosting bats.


The scheme includes the plantation of shrubs and a variety of wildflower, wetland and woodland meadow seeding, and meadow grass to create green corridors that adjoin the wildlife corridors along the River. The development will offer the opportunity to improve the ecological value of the site including creation of natural grass landscape and sustainable urban drainage systems.

Is parking available at Oxhey Activity Park?

A small gated car park has been provisioned primarily for disabled users. There are 5 disabled parking bays and 10 standard bays. The gate will be normally locked and disabled users will have to call the café manager to arrange access. You can view the proposed parking facilities on the drawings page of this website. The aim of the project is to be as sustainable as possible, including encouraging people to travel on bike or foot. 


How much will the project costs? Who is funding it?


The project will be funded from Council’s capital budget and grant funding. Costs are estimated in the region of between £3.5 - 4 million. In April 2019, Veolia Environmental Trust awarded a substantial grant to partially fund construction of the skating and wheeled activity features. Opportunities for income generation are also being developed.


How long will it take?


Works on site will start in spring 2019 and will be completed in 2020.

Who is delivering the project?


The project is being delivered by Watford Borough Council with specialist support from a multi-disciplinary design team.


How can I find out more information?


Contact details are on the front page of this website.