As you may be aware, construction work on Oxhey Activity Park was temporarily halted on 3 April.  This was due to both the shortage of materials necessary to continue the work and the availability of workers – both a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The main contractor, Borras Construction Ltd has advised that their supply chains are greatly improved and that materials and a sufficient number of people are now available to allow them to resume construction on 6 May.

The council has agreed to works starting again based on the very stringent rules and procedures that Borras has in place to ensure that the teams on-site follow the social distancing and safe working practices as set out by the Government and Public Health England.


Some of the work teams live together, which means that they can safely work in close proximity.  This is important to know as people may be concerned if they see people working with less than two metres distance between them. Borras has a colour coding system for workwear to identify the cohabiting teams so they can spot immediately if anyone is not following the site rules.


They have also instigated additional onsite parking for workers, a one-way walking route around the site and a one-way system in the welfare units, increased toilet and handwashing facilities, provided hand sanitising stations around the site and put in facilities for people to rest on-site without having to get close to other workers

There is a distance of at least three metres between anyone on site and the general public using the park. At present, we are in discussions with Borras to assess the impact of the delay on the project.  We are hoping for completion by early Autumn but will keep you updated.